Network Appliances of the Next Generation

With experts on board and know-how in house, Axiomtek’s Network Appliance (NA) team has been dedicated to designing a wide range of network appliances incorporating cost-effective desktops with onboard multi-processors, various LAN modules and redundant power supplies to ensure data security for a vat of applications over networks.

Software Defined Networking (SDN)

In the world of networking, software-defined networking (SDN) is a newly emerging approach to networking, using software to optimize network resources and quickly adapt networks to changing business. It works by separating the control plane from the data plane, creating software programmable infrastructure that is independent of physical devices.


Retrospectively, the traditional network has been living in a world of purpose-built systems for 30-plus years. Over the years, however, tremendous innovation on devices used to access networks has kept injecting fuels and ideas to network architecture, impacting positively the computing and storage solutions we rely on to hold the “big data”. Changing the game by moving the focus to software and application ecosystem, SDN is getting increasingly popular today as it proposes the split of the intelligence of the switch/router from the packet forwarding engine, hence improving efficiency and throughput.

Cloud Computing with NA and SDN

Under SDN network architecture, a huge number of applications can be deployed, such as network virtualization, firewall protection, intrusion detection, load balancing, among many other possibilities. For example, upon recognition of malware, an SDN-based application can send an alert to MIS and separate the packets before they impact the network.


Specifically, SDN has become the key to building networks, just to name a few factors, SDN can: enable organizations to create new types of applications, services and business models; help create new revenue generating services; reduce capital expenses by allowing network functions to run on off-the-shelf hardware; reduce operation expenses by supporting automation and algorithm control through increased programmability of network elements, making it simpler to design, deploy, manage and scale networks; and finally, with agility and flexibility, help organizations rapidly deploy new applications, services and infrastructure to quickly meet their changing requirements.

Based on RFC 2544 benchmarking methodology, a system deploying SDN on Axiomtek’s Network Appliance NA580 has been put under test. The outcome of the system throughput was incredibly encouraging with SDN versus without.

Throughput testing results

In conclusion, as shown in the result, it is obvious that through the SDN, network throughput has been improved to an impressive degree. As big data and cloud computing has been vital to modern society, speeding up the computing performance over network through software has been a key milestone in technology breakthrough. At Axiomtek, our NA team is here to continue to verify our new NA products conforming to SDN protocol; confidently, customers can definitely count on us for Axiomtek’s cutting-edge NA series to suit their demands within their budgets.