CSR at Axiomtek

Chairman's Words

In 2015, Axiomtek proudly reached its record high both in revenues (of US$151 million) and in profits, listed in US Forbes Magazine among "Asia's 200 Best Under A Billion". 2016 makes the establishment of Axiomtek's Corporate Social Responsibility Committee (CRS) which has been structured to help set the Company up as a road model for domestic enterprises. Aiming at sustainable development, we clearly defined our CSR vision, mission and implementation guidelines, so as to take care of our employees, customers, shareholders, suppliers, society, among other stakeholders while actively fulfilling our corporate social responsibility.

According to CommonWealth Magazine's survey of 2,000 plus large enterprises in 2015, Axiomtek ranked 516th, a rise of 54 spots since 2014, boasting a prominent growth for three consecutive years during which Axiomtek's products had been honored with a "Taiwan Excellence Award" every year for product innovation, localization of research, development and manufacturing, and global brand recognition. As per the second Evaluation Results of Corporate Governance for 2015, Axiomtek ranked in the top 6-20% bracket, showing our constant superior governance dedicated to cultivation of technology and adherence to the principle of good faith.

Continuing to improve quality of what we do through international standards such as ISO-9001, ISO-13485 and ISO-14001, Axiomtek has been incorporating environmental protection into our business practice to fulfill our statutory obligations and to win trust from our customers and stakeholders.  Making a solid promise to stakeholders of holding ourselves out as an environmentally friendly organization, Axiomtek has shown its achievements in reducing carbon emissions and its ability to independently validate and verify such reductions through an inspection report on greenhouse gas emissions in accordance with ISO-14064. Furthermore, consistent compliance with TOSHMS/ OHSAS-18001 also validates Aiomtek's attentive efforts in caring for and protecting employee occupational health and safety at work. As for the implementation of green design and the control of hazardous substances, Axiomtek is scheduled to import GPM's Green Supply Chain Management and to apply for an IECQ-QC080000 certificate on Hazardous Substance Process Management (HSPM) within the next three years.  

At the Paris climate conference (the 21st Conference of the Parties, i.e. COP21) in December 2015, 195 countries of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) adopted the "2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development”, committed to setting out a global action plan for carbon reduction and disclosure of such progress to put the world on track, to avoid dangerous climate change by limiting global warming, keeping the increase in global average temperature to well below two degrees Celsius. The Agenda deal adopted at COP21 conveys that environmental protection issues such as climate change, emission reduction and energy saving have become new eminent studies in which the globe shall take mitigation measures to echo the global sustainable development goals (SDGs). When it comes to SDG, our company’s sustainable operation has always been a core vision of Axiomtek. Accordingly, system-wise and operation-wise, Axiomtek has been involved in and emphasizing 9 out of 17 UNFCCC’s designated SDGs, namely: (5) gender equality, (8) decent work and economic growth, (9) industry, innovation and infrastructure, (10) reduced inequalities, (11) sustainable cities and communities, (12) responsible consumption and production, (13) climate action, (16) peace, justice and strong institutions, and (17) partnerships for the goals. Axiomtek is to embrace all of the seventeen SDGs as the basis for our long-term operations for years to come as we take seriously implementing our role as a world's citizen in preserving the earth.

Core Concept of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) at Axiomtek

Axiomtek CSR

To attend to corporate governance with integrity and honesty
To run the business with integrity while striving to provide shareholders with super returns
To protect customer and trade information
To operate the business with probity without engaging in illegal transactions
To respect intellectual property rights
To abide by laws and regulations to ensure the rights and interests of employees
To be in line with employee safety and health regulations imposed by governments
To practice flexible working hours for employees to work in a high-quality environment
To encourage community participation and humanistic care activities
To avoid using hazardous substances under the proper supply chain management
To persist in product innovation and green design
To promote energy conservation with collaboration among employees

Policy of Corporate Social Responsibility at Axiomtek

Since its inception, Axiomtek has been actively attaching importance to technical cultivation and its long-term development while taking into account the interests of employees, customers, shareholders, suppliers, society, among all stakeholders. Also actively carrying out corporate social responsibility, Axiomtek has become an example to domestic enterprises in the pursuit of sustainable development.

  • Our vision
    To be an example to enterprises in the pursuit of sustainable development
  • Our mission
    To adhere to integrity and honesty
    To care for employees and the disadvantaged
    To design green products for environmental protection
  • Our approach to implementation
    To adhere to integrity and honesty

To adhere to integrity and honesty
It has always been the Company's practice to emphasize a corporate spirit of integrity and honesty, to abide by the laws and business ethics, and to maintain excellent corporate governance. Prohibiting improper profits and unfair business competition, the Company has been respecting for intellectual property rights, committed to protecting the privacy of each customer and business partner. To make life better and the society a better place to live in, the Company has been contributing in the establishment of various communication channels, engagement in the community volunteering, and promotion of social responsibility.

To care for employees and the disadvantaged
Giving priority to employee safety and healt
h conforming to governmental regulations, the Company has been offering reasonable salaries and benefits, granting all employees with equal rights, treasuring and bringing up talents. At Axiomtek, any discrimination of any kind is strictly prohibited, so is child labor and forced labor. With a firm stand to support the balance of life and the wellbeing of physical and mental health, the Company has been offering reasonable and flexible working hours, aiming to create a safe, healthy, stimulating and comfortable working environment through an open management model for better communication with employees.

To design green products for environmental protection
Regarding product development, the design mentality lies in the endurance of the product life cycle from the very outset where efforts have been made throughout the entire process of material selection, product design, supplier management, and manufacturing to reduce energy consumption, enhance efficiency, streamline the process, and develop green, environment-friendly products. To meet the management guideline on banned and restricted hazardous substances as required by customers and stakeholders, all specifications of the product have been carefully designed to deliver high quality. Making every possible effort in all business aspects, the Company is proud to have been helping protect the environment, fulfilling its responsibility as a world citizen.

Corporate Social Responsibility Committee 

Seeing that CSR activity is an integral part of management among which stakeholders’ right and interest constitutes a core of its value system, Axiomtek had formed a “Corporate Social Responsibility Committee (hereinafter referred to as “CSR Team”) to integrate resources among its internal functional organizations for a better management, thus reinforcing its commitment to its value systems. Led by the Chairman and CEO, the CSR Team consists of Legal Office, Procurement, Quality Assurance and Engineering, R&D, Customer Relations, Finance and Human Resources all of which have been collectively managing various issues related to stakeholders, such as customers, suppliers, governments, employees, shareholders, society, and so on, during their day-to-day operation in a systematic manner, aiming to fulfill its corporate social responsibility, vision and mission. 

Corporate Social Responsibility Committee

Furthermore, different stakeholders may have different concerns in their mind, and Axiomtek’s obligation and responsibility is to respond to their concerns in a best way possible such that each stakeholder’s needs might be addressed. The Company is boasting about its smooth communication channel throughout which all dedicated personnel are always committed to listening to the stakeholders, collecting voices from all directions, and replying to each stakeholder’s needs with comprehensive analysis and feasible resolutions. At Axiomtek, a good rapport with its stakeholders is constantly being built, thanks to the good job done by its CSR Team.  

Sections Organizational Functions Main Stakeholders
Corporate Governance Section Corporate governance and management
Disclosure of financial information
Compliance with laws and regulations
Investors, Governments
Employee Care Section Development of human resources
Human right management
Establishment of healthy and friendly working environment
Promotion of cultural, educational and charity activities, care for the disadvantaged
Employees, Governments
Environmental Care Section Environmental policy and management system
Pollution prevention
Enhancement of efficiency of energy consumption
Fulfillment of the responsibility of the product to the environment
Management of environmental issues
Management of occupational safety and health policy
Employees, Customers, Society, Suppliers
Green Development Section Customer services and satisfaction
Minimization of the impact of raw materials to the environment
Research and development on green products
Management of product quality, reliability and customer relations
Customers, Suppliers, Society

CSR Policy and System, Relevant Management Policy and Specific Promotion Plan

In order to implement its corporate social responsibility while facilitating the progress of economy, environment and society, the “Corporate Social Responsibility Committee (i.e. CSR Team) was established along with the “Code of Practice for Corporate Social Responsibility” so as to achieve the sustainable development of the Company.

As one of the world's leading designers and manufacturers of PC-based industrial computer products, Axiomtek is committed to implementing pollution prevention and related environmental protection measures in line with the quality control system as required in ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 13485. Under the highest environmental policy “relentless environmental protection for sustainable resource abundance", the Company is committed to:

* Complying with relevant requirements and regulations of national environmental protection laws and environmental protection organizations;
* Educating its employees with the concept of environmental protection; and
* Communicating with suppliers of raw materials, as well as third-party vendors on the topic of environmental protection, jointly upholding environmental protection and sustainable economy.

CSR or Sustainability Report Compiled according to Guidelines Widely Recognized Internationally