Revolutionizing Casino Operation: Intelligent Player Tracking System
Revolutionizing Casino Operation

Intelligent Casino Player Tracking System

Artificial intelligence (AI) is inspiring innovation in every business sector including the casino gaming industry, where casino operators are increasingly relying on AI to achieve efficiency and create better gaming experiences. The player tracking system, a critical part of casino gaming management, is also embracing AI technology to address the growing needs of the following usages:

Understanding players

To stay profitable casinos must continue to engage and entertain players. Hence it is vital for casino operators to be able to understand their customers. Incorporating AI into player tracking systems makes real-time player observation possible. It helps casino operators identify valuable customers based on how much time and money they have spent, and determine which of their games are most popular.
Casino management can also benefit tremendously from the use of AI when it comes to analyzing player data. A player tracking system supporting AI-powered analytics can be used to extract players’ demographic characteristics. The player database that the system generates will help uncover patterns of player behaviors and habits, providing details about who’s playing and why they like to play certain machines. By giving the ability to predict player tendencies, the system not only allows casino operators to position individual players based on their potential values. It also enables them to create more popular games or services through a better understanding of player preferences and market needs, thereby motivating gamers to frequent their premises with increased loyalty. Meanwhile, the implementation of player analytics will help casinos curb cheating by identifying suspicious players in real time.

Enhancing player-casino interaction

The player tracking system has already evolved into a versatile platform, with player-centric features aimed to generate a dynamic and personalized gaming experience. Once players log in to the tracking system by inserting their player cards, all their activity on the gaming machine is automatically recorded and linked to their loyalty accounts. Aside from logging in players and monitoring their games, the system can further motivate players by providing extra games or reward programs. Rewards can be anything from free play to bonus points to membership privileges such as the use of hotel facilities and are awarded to a player’s account according to their bets or loyalty. This enhanced interaction will also help casino operators discover individual player needs and find out how their marketing campaigns will influence different players.

All-in-One Player Tracking Unit

All-in-One Player Tracking UnitAxiomtek is dedicated to developing and manufacturing a wide spectrum of casino gaming management solutions, including a top-quality player tracking unit built specifically to enhance casino operation efficiency and the player experience. The all-in-one player tracking unit is a compact stand-alone device to be mounted into the main gaming machine. The system can operate independently with a touchscreen display available in various sizes, with 6.2” being the most popular one. Peripheral integration capabilities of the unit include I/O interfaces for connecting to card readers, a SAS (Slot Accounting System) communication channel for connecting to Electronic Gaming Machines (EGM), as well as LAN connection to back-end servers via the Ethernet port.
Main requirements:
  • ARM/x86® platform
  • Windows® and Linux support
  • Compact size for space-saving
  • Touchscreen LCD available in various sizes
  • Gaming management features (via Axiomtek API)
    Built-in 9-bit SAS communication channel
    Critical data retention in SRAM in power-off state
    Battery health monitoring

Video Mixer

The video mixer works as a medium device that merges a game and a second video content area (e.g. system content) into one single display. By mixing two video content outputs into one display, the video mixer splits the game display into two windows that can play contents independent of each other. While the larger window is running the main slot game, the side display area works as a player interface touchscreen showing the interactive features available from the player system, meaning the player does not need to leave the main game while using the interactive functions. With the player interface becoming part of the game screen, casino operators can encourage players to participate in more dynamic reward games, thus delivering an interactive gaming experience to elevate customer engagement.
Video Mixer
Main requirements:
  • Supports digital & analog video inputs/outputs
  • Integration of two sources into one independent display with resolution up to UHD 4K@60Hz
  • Adjustable PiP window size and position with smooth transition
  • Supports both landscape and portrait screen orientation
  • Video inputs can be up-scaled or down-scaled automatically to match the original game settings
  • Widely compatible with most of the gaming LCD monitors and touch devices
  • Gaming regulatory compliance
Axiomtek Gaming offers a list of products that include gaming platforms, gaming-certified motherboards, player tracking systems and other peripherals. Our team consists of inventors, researchers, solution designers and highly experienced engineers who have been serving the casino gaming industry for decades. We take pride in our ability to help our customers create and customize products that our ODM customers can trust. We are committed to the partnership with our customers and ensuring that they can continue to innovate and always can count on us for our continued support. To learn more about Axiomtek’s gaming products and services, please email us at

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