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27/07/2017 Axiomtek P6841O – A Compact 8.4-inch Industrial Monitor with Open Frame Design
25/07/2017 Axiomtek’s Ultra-slim 15.6” and 18.5” Widescreen Industrial LCD Monitors – The P6157W-V2 and P6187W-V2
21/07/2017 Axiomtek P1157E-500 – A 15-inch Industrial-grade Touch Panel PC with Great Reliability and Expandability
12/05/2017 Axiomtek’s GOT3177T-311-FR - A 17-inch Touch Panel Computer Featuring Tool-free Assembly and Disassembly
06/04/2017 Axiomtek’s 10.4” and 19” Industrial Touch Monitors with Flexible Selection of Front Bezels to Fit Various Applications - P6101 and P6191
24/01/2017 Axiomtek’s 19-inch Multimedia Industrial Touch Panel PC for Kiosk Applications – P1197E-500
12/01/2017 10.1-inch Industrial Widescreen Multi-touch LCD Monitor with Ultra-Slim Design – P6103W
11/10/2016 Extend Your View with 21.5-inch Widescreen Industrial LCD Monitor – Axiomtek P6217W
04/10/2016 Axiomtek’s 12.1-inch IP65-rated Industrial Touch Monitor– P6121
24/05/2016 Axiomtek's 15” Industrial Touch Monitor with Flexible Selection of Front Bezels – P6151
01/12/2015 Axiomtek Released 17” Industrial Touch Panel Computer with Intel® Celeron® J1900 and PCI Expansion – P1177E-842
26/11/2015 Axiomtek Introduced New 15.6-inch Medical Grade Fanless Touch Panel Computer, the MPC153-834
19/10/2015 Axiomtek's Super-slim, High Brightness 10.4-inch EN50155 Transportation Touch Display - P6105
07/05/2015 Slim-type 17” Industrial Touch Panel Computer with 5th/4th Generation Intel® Core™ Processor and Expansibility- Axiomtek P1177S-881
23/12/2014 The P1157S-881, Axiomtek's New Highly Integrated 15-inch Touch Panel Computer
21/08/2014 Axiomtek's Super-slim, rugged 17-inch Industrial Touchscreen LCD Monitor offers Stunning Visual Display - P6171
16/04/2014 Axiomtek Announces 22-inch Widescreen Fanless Touch Panel Computer with IPX1 Design - IFO2225-873
13/03/2014 Axiomtek Announces Intel® Core™-based 19-inch Industrial Touch Panel Computer with PCI or PCIe Slot – P1197E-861
20/01/2014 Axiomtek Introduces Two New Industrial Grade Monitors That Combine Widescreen LCD Flat Panel and Multi-Touch Projected Capacitive Technology – 15.6in P6157W and 18.5in P6187W
30/05/2013 Axiomtek's 3rd Generation Intel® Core™-based 17-inch and 15-inch Industrial Touch Panel Computers with 2 PCIe/PCI Expansion Slots - P1177E-871 and P1157E-871
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