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2017/05/04 Power Your Smart Retail Business with eBOX100-312-FL from Axiomtek
2017/01/09 Axiomtek’s Micro-sized DIN-rail IIoT Gateway for Entry Level Applications- ICO100-839
2017/01/04 Axiomtek Unveils a New Fanless Embedded System with 7th Generation Intel® Core™ Processor - eBOX640-500-FL
2016/11/29 Industrial-grade Palm-sized Embedded System with Wide Range DC Input - eBOX565-500-FL
2016/10/27 Axiomtek's High-performance Fanless Embedded System with Flexible Expansion– eBOX670-891-FL
2016/09/29 Axiomtek’s Rugged IP67-rated Fanless Embedded System Ideal for Outdoor Critical Applications– eBOX800-841-FL
2016/09/02 Axiomtek’s Palm-sized Embedded System Certified by Microsoft Azure for IIoT Solutions- eBOX560-300-FL
2016/08/30 Smarter, Greener and Safer- Axiomtek IIoT Gateway ICO300 with Windows® 10 IoT for Solar Energy Monitoring Solution
2016/08/25 Axiomtek’s Power-efficient, Palm-sized Embedded System eBOX560-500-FL with Intel® Skylake Processor
2016/06/08 Axiomtek's New Braswell SoC Fanless Embedded System– eBOX625-853-FL
2016/05/17 Axiomtek’s Braswell SoC Fanless Embedded System Ideal for IIoT Solutions – eBOX560-300-FL
2016/03/07 Simplifying Deployment of IIoT Applications – Axiomtek Din-rail Field Controller ICO310
2015/12/09 Axiomtek Introduced Hardened RISC-based rBOX630 Rugged Din-rail Embedded System for IIoT
2015/11/18 Axiomtek's eBOX626-853-FL, Its New Fanless, Wide Temperature Embedded Box PC with Wide Range DC Input
2015/11/16 Axiomtek Introduced eBOX530-840-FL, an Ultra Compact Embedded System for Smart Factory
2015/10/02 Transportation Embedded Computer for Vehicle, Railway and Marine Markets- Axiomtek tBOX810-838-FL
2015/09/15 Ultra-compact and High-performance Fanless Embedded System with Intel® Broadwell ULT SoC and Flexible Mounting – Axiomtek eBOX560-880-FL
2015/09/08 ATEX & C1D2 Certified DIN-rail Fanless Box PC with Remote Management Software AXView 2.0 for Hazardous Industries - Axiomtek rBOX510-6COM(ATEX/C1D2)
2015/08/03 Axiomtek Introduces Intel® Celeron® Quad Core SoC-based Embedded System with 10-34VDC Wide Range Power Input – eBOX626-842-FL
2015/06/16 Axiomtek's Outstanding PoE Embedded System for Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) Application - eBOX671-885-FL
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