Axiomtek Wins New Comer Sustainability Report Awards 2017


Axiomtek - a world-renowned leader relentlessly devoted in the research, development and manufacture of series of innovative and reliable industrial computer products of high efficiency - is proud to announce that it has received the “New Comer Sustainability Report Awards” at the 10th Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards (TCSA) Ceremony on November 23rd, 2017, held by the Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy (TAISE). A total of 67 winners among the 143 participating enterprises, constituted nearly 60 percent of domestic GDP for 2016, honored the TCSA awards this year.


Since its inception, Axiomtek has been actively attaching importance to technical cultivation and its long-term development while taking into account the interests of employees, customers, shareholders, suppliers, society, among all stakeholders. Also actively carrying out corporate social responsibility, Axiomtek has become an example to domestic enterprises in the pursuit of sustainable development.


As per the third Evaluation Results of Corporate Governance for 2016, Axiomtek ranked in the top 5% bracket, showing our constant superior governance dedicated to cultivation of technology and adherence to the principle of good faith. The winning of the “New Comer Sustainability Report Awards” is once again a recognition of Axiomtek’s achievements in fulfilling corporate social responsibilities. Looking ahead to the future, Axiomtek will be continuing its pursuit of sustainable business development and at the same time making every effort to accomplish its social responsibilities.


About Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy
The Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy (TAISE) has been hosting the TCSA competition for a decade with an effort to encourage enterprises to improve the quality of corporate sustainability management and to increase the amount of revealed information on corporate governance, providing domestic enterprises with a platform for sharing reportage information and engaging in mutual observation. Its endeavors to raise the awareness of and investment in maintaining a sustainable, environment-friendly development and social welfare have been met with enthusiastic responses from various enterprises and sectors of the society.