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Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) concept has been around since the 1990s, but now more than ever it is making a big splash as the wave of the future. Similarly, the "Smart Everything" concept was deemed a futuristic agenda. Now it is an every-day reality. Connectivity, integrating compute capabilities, and transferring of timely information and analytics, are the most basic factors driving the success that IoT can bring to any operations. Systems developers are now challenged to think outside the box more than ever and utilize the ever-changing technology and resources to "create" smarter and better things. Their prerequisites for successful design and deployment of any projects now may include effective transfer of information that goes beyond machine-to-machine communications, real-time data capabilities and coverage of various protocols and application. IoT is hugely impacting the technology world and influence the development of a variety of solutions, including the development of hardware and software building blocks, aiming at delivering the most intuitive, personalized and effective - "smart" results and real value to end users. Microsoft has put an emphasis on their IoT focus to not just, "Internet of Things" but "Internet of YOUR Things."

Based on Intel's research, most IoT smart devices aren't currently found in a consumer's homes. They are in factories, offices, and healthcare and banking environments. These major industries need to track real-time, vital data accurately such as- inventories, patient information and financial transactions. They need to manage their machines, remotely or otherwise, ensuring optimum operational efficiency. All mission critical industries require a high level of data integrity to save lives. IoT solutions may be the answers to all of these industries' critical requirements.

The "Big Data" phenomenon requires effective transferring of information between devices as well as storage and efficient retrieval of large amount of data. Cloud computing has become the key to optimizing sharing and allocation of resources as well as storage. IoT connects the dots and provide companies with more capabilities to retrieve and analyze valuable data and to greatly enhance business intelligence. Getting rid of the legacy systems a company has invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in to incorporate the more efficient IoT-friendly infrastructure can be costly and difficult. Technology providers are now offering hardware and software IoT solutions that will bridge the gap and connect legacy infrastructure. Intel® has collaborated with McAfee and Wind River to offer Intel® IoT Gateway Solutions for the IoT to provide pre-integrated, pre-validated hardware and software platforms for gateway devices. According to Intel®, these gateway solutions are "designed to connect legacy and new emerging systems, enabling seamless and secure data flow between edge devices and the cloud."

Axiomtek, as a longstanding member of the Intel® Internet of Things Alliance, recognizes the importance of these emerging trends and technologies. Our network appliance product line, including our NA342, NA361, offers Intel® Atom-based processors, a wide operating temperature range, up to 24 LAN ports, Intel® quick assist technology, DPDK enabling software, and much more. These systems are ideal for use as network bandwidth controllers, vehicle and mass transit surveillance systems and security controllers. Axiomtek also provides a wide variety of BSP solutions and integration support to our customers. Our sister company, EtherWAN, is a leading manufacturer of industrial-grade network switches and connectivity solutions. Together as a team, we can offer our customers the unique benefits and synergy of our partnership by providing them with the great advantages of working with two leading companies with a customer-oriented focus.

Axiomtek's embedded system product line, including the fanless embedded box computer eBOX623-831-FL, is an example of an IoT solution. From small form factor embedded SBCs (CAPA841), Industrial touch panel PCs (GOT5152T-834) to medical panel PCs ( MPC152-832), our products offers great features, connectivity and meet certifications and many standards required by specific industries. Delivering our customers the results that are about "Internet of YOUR Things" is Axiomtek's focus.
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