Technologies that Drive the Retail Industry's Success
Retail Industry's Success

Emerging trends in visual retail technology today are paving the way to revolutionize shopping experiences. Shopping malls, quick service restaurants (QSRs), grocery stores and more are encouraging higher engagement that helps propel the bottom line with their customers through the use of smart visual retail displays, self-service kiosks and interactive touch computers.

The combination of feature-rich industrial computer hardware and the right software can help retail chains achieve their goals with better customer satisfaction and brand loyalty, while increasing their sales revenue and market shares. Recent retail computer solutions have been designed to support the growing needs in the market for smarter interactive content and higher graphical resolution videos and images in a slimmer packaging. See below for examples of how technology has revolutionized the retail world.

A Glimpse into the New World of Visual Retail Technology

Smarter Communications

Digital signage can effectively communicate many key things that will help retailers, grocery chain stores and QSRs enhance shopper's in-store experience, achieve higher sales revenue, increase brand loyalty and gain higher market share. A smart display or informational kiosk can be an all-in-one communication tool about many important elements that affect sales including their brand positioning, items availability, new product launch, special promotions, advertisements and key product information.

A more innovative approach using technology to a retailer’s advantage is to utilize smart technology to direct the right information to the right audience and having the flexibility to adjust the information real-time. To beat out the competition, or simply just remain competitive and survive the ever-changing retail industry climate, the use of advanced retail computer technology is a must.

What Type of Technology will Help Retailers and QSRs Win the Battle?

OPS Digital SignageDigital signage players, both OPS and non-OPS compliant, with high-performance central processing units (CPUs) and/or graphical processing units (GPUs) can deliver high-resolution images and a superb way to communicate and impress the audience. These exceptional media players such as those of Axiomtek’s are equipped with advanced technology, high interoperability and rich features. They also offer longevity, high reliability and upgradability that will raise the level of retail competition to a new height. With the integration of leading software technologies such as Intel® vPro™ and Acer Being Device Management cloud solution, these signage players and their display content can be remotely managed through a centralized management portal. The content can also be quickly and easily updated. These integrated retail solutions can optimize store operational efficiency, device control and content delivery. They will definitely enhance the QSRs, retailers and warehouse wholesalers’ competitive edge and help them stay ahead of the game.

Other than digital signage players, many leading technology companies are consistently inventing and launching solutions to support the growing demands. Smart Display Module (SDM) technology allows for high-resolution images to be delivered in this future-proof, highly convenient form factor. It is designed to be easily managed and work on thinner display monitors.

These SDMs need SDM-based displays made to fit the module. Together, these touch panel computers can be powerful tools to communicate content effectively to the key retailer and QSR audiences.

Another example of recent kiosk technologies aiming to address the pain points of kiosk makers and users are the Smart Kiosk Modules (SKMs). These modules are designed to meet the demands for future-proof, easy-to-expand kiosk engines with great versatility and customize-ability. Leading hardware technology companies such as Axiomtek understand the varying needs of kiosk integrators, retailers and QSR chains. They have continued to design product solutions that were the answers to those needs and solving the pain points.

Efficiency and Analytics

In a world where everyone wants everything fast, self-service kiosks in QSRs allow customers to skip long lines at the register and quickly make selections on a digital menu board via a touch screen computer. With the help of wireless connectivity, these orders can be sent directly to the kitchen to minimize waiting times for customers to receive their food. Higher operational efficiency is also achieved with less workload at the cash register.

At the same time, these kiosks can also collect data on customer buying habits and preferences to gain insights on each store’s customers. Popular menu items; customer traffic and related timing in a day; demographics of the customers; responses to promotions and more key success indicators can be obtained through the use of more sophisticated retail technologies. The more knowledge a retail store gains from analytical insights captured by their retail technology tools, the faster and smarter they can adjust their products and service offerings to improve sales and gain a competitive advantage over their rivals.

Axiomtek Enables Smart Retail

Axiomtek, a leading industrial computer manufacturer, has been designing and manufacturing advanced retail computer solutions that are purpose-built, with scalability, high reliability and unmatched long-term value. They are designed to be easy to upgrade, customize and deploy in support of systems integrators', QSRs' and retail chains’ needs.

Axiomtek's experienced retail/kiosk design services team offers our retail, QSR and ODM/OEM customers personalized design and manufacturing services. Our key focuses are on our customer's ease of project development and deployment; costs and time-saving; lessened downtime and increased productivity level for our retail/QSR customers. Our capabilities include delivering custom reference boards, integration services, engineering project support and many more.
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